Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wee Warhols

Last week in July, Wyatt and Sarah went to Wee Warhols Art Camp and it was such a success!  Amber Scardino runs it from her garage/yard and she is incredible.  She incorporates art, science, nature, outdoor, exploring, and good old fashion fun, and has created an environment that allows kids both freedom to try/explore within the structure of a teacher/student classroom.  The kids came home happy and exhausted every day.  As cheesy as it sounds, this week was really great for Wyatt and Sarah and their growing confidence.  Sarah had to be a strong leader for Wyatt and Wyatt had to learn to speak up for himself and try new things without Mom or Dad around.  Since this camp, Wyatt's confidence and language skills have blown up.  He constantly wants to build and play pretend much more… making rocket ships and having them blastoff, eager to try new art projects, talking about rainbows and volcanos, and of course, he is obsessed with Sarah.  She was such a great leader and companion for him, helping him have the confidence to try things himself.  
I grabbed these pictures and writings from Amandas blog about the week with our littles!

And while the big kids were at art camp, Hannah and Evie played HARD at home.
Hannah's vocal stylings are impressive.  She takes some advice from Daniel Tiger mixed with old school songs like the ABCs.  Also, clap Tia… I need to work on my audience skills.
And as a special dose of fun for that week, we hosted the first ever Buschman Babies Slumber Party!  
While there were the typical preschooler arguments (especially from tired kids who spent half the day at art camp), everyone was excited to be together, eat Mexican food, watch Frozen, and play!  The dynamic is interesting to watch as Wyatt tries to be "big" with Sarah but still can be so baby like and Sarah loves being the oldest and in charge but gets so frustrated with how annoying the "little" kids can be (And I would have to agree with her).  Hannah finally has someone younger than her to be big sister in charge of, but unfortunately for her, Evie isn't easily bossed around.  Most of the time we just watch it all play out and laugh.  I also take my perspective of being the youngest cousin of four, just like Evie, and always want to make sure she is included and yada yada yada childhood issues…
In other words, I look forward to doing this again!
Sarah organizing her dance class.  It was a short lived class as most of the students were easily distracted and walked off at various time.
The last day of Wee Warhols was a super fun water day.  Normally Wyatt and Sarah would be a little timid to try something like this but with each other there as a friend to hold hands with, they played hard!  Their constant hugging makes me tear up.   Thanks for an awesome week of camp Amber!  Can't wait for Wyatt to continue his art camps in the fall.

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